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Nail fungus laser treatment is used to treat patients with onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus.  This procedure has demonstrated to be the most successful available treatment for nail fungus.

How It Works:

The treatment involves passing a Health Canada approved Genesis Plus Cutera Laser over all of the nails and surrounding skin.  The particular wave lengths produced by this laser effectively targets the fungus under the nail without damaging the nail itself.  During a treatment session, the laser is passed over the nail several times, until enough energy has reached the nail bed.  A single session takes approximately 45 minutes for all of the nails to be treated.  Most patients describe the procedure as being very comfortable and painless.  Immediately following the procedure, the nails may feel warm for a few minutes.  Patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

How Treatment is Done:

  •  Nail polish must be removed
  • All 10 toes are treated
  • Treatments take approximately 45 minutes
  • Mild to moderate cases require a minimum of 3 treatments
  • Treatments are scheduled 6 weeks apart
  • Bring in a clean pair of socks and shoes for after treatment
  • Additional treatments may be necessary depending on severity

What to Expect:

  • Treatment is painless
  • Patients treat with topical medication in between treatments
  • 90% of patients see improvement after 3 treatments
  • Damaged nail will still need to grow out, can take 6-8 months