Bad Habits for Your Foot Health

There are tons of bad habits that we all know are bad for our health, but many people do anyways. Biting our nails, smoking, and staying awake late are just some examples of common bad habits for our health. But did you know that every day, you’re probably engaging in bad habits for your foot health?

Each day, we do things that are bad for our overall foot health. Whether small acts we don’t think about, or things we do regularly, these bad habits can negatively impact our foot health and contribute to the development of foot conditions or diseases.

Foot Health Bad Habits

Bad habits for your foot healthBarefoot Running
While walking barefoot can have benefits in the right environment, barefoot running is a habit that can have more negative than positive effects. Running shoes support the muscles and tendons to keep the feet safe when running. Running barefoot can overwork the feet because there is nothing to provide this support.

It’s also much easier to stub a toe or step on something sharp, causing a cut or wound, when you run barefoot. Shoes protect the feet from this superficial damage that can be caused by running.

Not Wearing Socks
It can be tempting to throw on your running shoes, comfortable boots, or other closed shoes without putting socks on. However, not wearing socks is a bad habit for your foot health. Fungus thrives in dark, moist conditions, such as the inside of a shoe. If you put your foot in your shoe without a sock to protect your skin from this fungus or other bacteria, you’re at a much higher risk for contracting a fungus, such as Athlete’s Foot, or an infection.

When you don’t wear socks in your shoes, the sweat from your feet has nothing to absorb it and instead will stay on the inside of the shoe, leading to more bacteria and fungus and most obviously, a strong smell. Wearing socks with your shoes creates a barrier to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus onto your foot from your shoe.

High Heels
While wearing high heels for special occasions is typically fine, wearing them regularly is a habit that can cause severe foot problems. High heels put your feet at an angle that causes pressure on the ball of your foot. This can lead to bunions, hammer toes, and other foot conditions that require surgery to correct. The overall structural imbalances cause by wearing high heels can also lead to ankle, knee, or hip pain.

Wearing Old Running Shoes
When was the last time you replaced your running shoes? Like we mentioned, running shoes help support the muscles and tendons of the foot when walking or running. However, as running shoes age, they lose the ability to absorb shock as well. Wearing old running shoes can lead to foot pain like plantar fasciitis, inflammation, stress, pressure, and other negative effects.

Although there is no set formula for when you should replace your running shoes, a good rule of thumb is every 500 kilometres or so.

Wearing Shoes with Poor Support
As spring approaches, many of us are excited to bust out our flip flops, sandals, and ballet flats. While they may feel great after months of heavy winter boots, wearing these types of shoes regularly or when on your feet for a long time is a bad habit for your foot health.

These types of shoes don’t offer your foot any support and require your toes to grip them to keep them on. This throws off your natural gait and can cause foot pain or other discomfort. Wearing sandals that are strapped to your feet and avoiding the regular use of flat shoes like ballet flats are better habits for your foot health.

Going Barefoot in Public
While wearing flip flops for long periods of time is a bad habit for foot health, they are recommended for use in various public places. Gym locker rooms, public pools, and showers are frequented by hundreds of people daily and are an easy place to catch bacteria or foot fungus. Wearing flip flops when walking in these areas will help protect your feet from contracting these foot conditions.

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