Corns and Calluses – Are They Normal?

Corns and calluses are some of the most common conditions we see at our chiropody Hamilton clinic. The body forms these on the feet to protect sensitive skin, but both have their subtle differences. Typically, they are harmless and do not cause any pain or discomfort. Sometimes, however, they can create more problems or cause difficulty walking and pain.

While corns and calluses on their own are normal, having significant discomfort or pain is not. If you find yourself struggling with your corns or calluses, call a chiropodist to have them examined and removed.

Calluses usually develop on the soles of the feet and are typically large patches of rough, dry skin. Corns are typically smaller than calluses and have a hard centre surrounded by inflamed skin. They can be found on places that don’t typically bear weight but may rub against shoes or socks.

Corn and Callus Treatment

Depending on the severity of your corns and calluses, there are varying treatments. Calluses can be removed quite simply with an electric trimmer or foot file (a razor should never be used to remove calluses). Think what a professional would use during a pedicure! This is a safe and easy way to remove slot online yang sering kasih jackpot calluses that you can do even at home.

You can soak your feet for 10 minutes each night and file them with a pumice stone to help prevent calluses from growing. This may also help prevent the development of corns. Gentle sugar exfoliates can also help keep feet smooth and prevent a build up of skin.

Ensuring your feet stay moisturized by using a professional foot lotion every day can help with calluses and corns, as well as prevent calluses from cracking and getting infected. Ensuring your feet are moisturized can help prevent infections caused by cracking calluses or broken corns.

You can consider surgery for particularly painful or uncomfortable corns or calluses. A professional chiropodist can remove these, but often if the cause is not treated, they will slot terbaru return. Ensuring that you have proper fitting footwear, keep your feet dry, and wearing cotton socks are the best way to prevent friction on the foot that can cause this thickening of the skin.

Contact McQuistan Chiropody Hamilton for Corn and Callus Treatment

If you have corns or calluses that are causing you pain and discomfort, contact McQuistan Chiropody Hamilton. We can examine your feet, remove stubborn corns or calluses, and make recommendations to help manage them in the future.

If your footwear is causing the rapid development of calluses or corns and making it difficult to walk, we can prescribe custom orthotics to judi slot online jackpot terbesar help the mechanics of your foot work properly. Contact McQuistan Chiropody Hamilton today to book an appointment!