Fall Footwear Advice!


We all know what it means when the days grow shorter and the temperature gets colder, its fall time! With the start of fall, it means that we must start preparing for the incoming cold and rainy weather. That means we have to bring out the fall and winter jackets from storage, find our boots along with our gloves and hats. With this blog post, we’d like to walk you through what to look for in a good fall footwear to ensure you are able to enjoy all that fall offers without having any concerns with your feet!

The ideal footwear is one that will offer maximum support for your feet, that means you cannot bend and contort the shoe like a wet towel! You want a rigid outer sole that will not compress when you are walking around. Another key feature to look for in good footwear is to make sure that the heel counter (the area surrounding the heel) is stiff. A stable heel counter will support your rearfoot which in return will support the entire foot.

In terms of materials for the shoe, during fall, we receive a lot of rain thus having a water-resistant outer sole and vamp (the part of the shoe that covers the top of your foot) goes a long way to keep your toes nice and dry! We recommend materials as leather or leatherette. You can also spray the shoes with a protective or waterproof spray.

Moving on to the interior of the footwear, we recommended the insole to provide enough cushioning and be soft, so that it will dissipate the ground reaction forces as you walk. It is also very important to make sure that the footwear type offers enough toe box depth and width so that your toes are not rubbing on the fabric of the footwear.

We recommend to always try on shoes at the end of the day. Your feet may grow in size due to the swelling that can occur throughout the day.

Always check your feet for any red spots after removing your shoes, this will show you signs of pressure and can mean that the shoe is not fitting correctly.

Here at McQuistan Chiropody, we can provide you with orthopedic shoes that can accommodate many foot ailments. At your appointment we will discuss your foot concerns, pick out shoes and measure your feet for proper fit. We provide many shoe options that are covered by Extended Health Insurance companies.

Thank you and have a great day,