Foot Health for Athletes

Whether you’re an experienced athlete, or just starting a new exercise routine or hobby this summer, your foot health should be a priority. Our feet are required to handle a lot of pressure from standing, jumping, dodging, and running while we play sports and if they aren’t properly taken care of, it’s very easy to sustain an injury.

Keeping a few tips in mind while you’re playing sports this summer, whether a new one or an old favourite, can help you maintain great foot health.

Foot Care and Health for Athletes and Runners

Foot health for athletesStretch and Warm Up

Before a practice or a game, it’s necessary to warm up and stretch to help loosen your muscles in your feet and legs. Doing 5-10 minutes of light jogging with calf stretches are two simple things you can do to help warm up your body. Jumping into playing a sport without warming up and stretching first can cause stress on your muscles and lead to injuries more easily.

Wear the Right Shoes

Always make sure to wear the right running shoes or sports shoes for your activity. If you play a sport 2-3 times per weak, you should wear shoes specifically for that sport. They will help provide the support and protection your feet need for that sport, like squash shoes, tennis shoes, soccer cleats, or basketball shoes.

If you have your own concerns about support and protection, wearing custom orthotics can also be beneficial for your foot health when playing sports.

Address Injuries Immediately

If you sustain an injury or have pain or soreness in your foot or ankle after playing sports, it’s important to address it right away. A sore muscle in your foot, if ignored, can easily lead to a stress fracture in your bone from too much pressure. A sore ankle can easily become a twisted ankle. A stubbed toe can easily lead to an infected toenail or ingrown toenail.

As soon as you feel pain or sustain even a small injury, make sure you treat it appropriately and give it time to heal.

Pace Yourself

Doing too much too soon is a recipe for disaster when it comes to sports and exercise. If you’re just starting a new sport, make sure you give your body and muscles time to adjust to the new movement. If you’ve recently sustained an injury and have taken some time off from playing, you might have to take it more slowly than before you took a break. Pace yourself, start slow, and build up!

Perform Routine Foot Care

Ensuring you perform routine foot care regularly can also help with preventing injuries from playing sports. Trimming your toenails straight across helps to reduce the risk of ingrown toenails and pressure. Giving blisters time and space to breathe and heal reduces the risk of infection. Care for calluses and corns carefully. Lastly, always make sure to see a chiropodist for any issues that need diagnosing or treating, as well as any irregularities on the feet.

Worried About Your Foot Health?

It’s always important to consult with a chiropodist when you embark on a new fitness routine or start a new sport. Visit McQuistan Chiropody for advice and suggestions for stretching, routines, and footwear to ensure your feet are well taken care of while you play your new sport this summer.

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