Heel and Arch Pain: When to Visit a Chiropodist

Heel and arch pain is one of the most common issues with foot health that people experience regularly. It can have a variety of causes and range from mild to extremely severe pain. Some people live with chronic heel or arch pain, while others experience an event that causes trauma to the foot and causes this pain.

Whatever the cause, it is important to have the pain properly diagnosed and treated appropriately to prevent potential damage to bones or permanent damage to muscles and tendons in the foot. But how can you tell the difference between temporary pain that doesn’t require treatment and pain that can be detrimental to normal functioning? Is there a difference at all?

heel painWhen Should You Visit a Chiropodist?

Because foot pain has many causes and treatments, it is important to have heel or arch pain looked at by a professional early on. Ignoring it for too long can cause further damage, or even have permanent consequences for the structure of the foot.

If you begin to experience heel pain, think about your recent activities that may have caused it. Did you wear a new pair of shoes? Play a new sport? Go for a long hike? Any of these things can cause your heel or arch to become inflamed. Sometimes this can heal quickly on its own, like any other sore muscle. On the other hand, sometimes an event like these could cause something more severe, like a stress fracture or nerve irritation that will not go away as easily without treatment.

If the pain was not caused by any obvious activity or event, or it is severe enough to impede regular functioning, or it is ongoing, it may be caused by a faulty foot structure. This also will not disappear without treatment. High arches, flat feet, and bunions are just some conditions that can lead to plantar fasciitis.

There are a variety of nonsurgical treatments for heel and arch pain, whether caused by bruising, a fracture, nerve damage, or the foot structure itself. Stretches, icing, orthotics, better shoes, and medications are all available to help treat foot pain, no matter the cause.

When you begin suffering from heel or arch pain, you should visit a chiropodist as soon as possible. They can rule out severe damage to tendons and bones, provide treatment for the pain, and make suggestions about preventing the pain or injury in the future.

Visit Your Chiropodist for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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