Must-Have Foot Care Products

foot care productsAt McQuistan Chiropody, we help clients with a variety of foot care issues. Some issues are chronic and genetic, or caused by unpreventable conditions. However, many of the issues we see in our patients can be prevented completely, or prevented from returning, with a few simple steps and products.

The best way to prevent foot problems from developing or returning is to have proper foot care products regularly available. If you take care of your feet and use some simple products to help them stay healthy, you can ensure healthier feet in the long run.

Foot Care Essential Products


Having a good foot moisturizer is essential for keeping the skin of your feet hydrated, soft, and smooth. Without foot moisturizer, you are more prone to cracked heels, and dry flaky skin that can lead to wounds and infections. Look for foot moisturizers with hydrating ingredients, like glycerin, urea, shea butter, and nut oils. These can penetrate deep into the skin and keep your feet better moisturized.

Insoles or Felt Pads

Insoles and felt pads for shoes are a solution for a variety of problems. If you have flat feet or fallen arches, insoles can help support your feet depending on the type of shoe. They can also help support your foot if you have bunions, hammer toes, or other foot conditions.

Felt pads are perfect for putting in shoes when you feel pain in a specific area of your foot. If you suffer from heel pain or pain in the ball of your foot, you can use a felt pad to take some of the pressure off your foot. They are also useful for those times you have to wear high heels by providing extra padding to support the ball of the foot.

Deodorant Shoe Spray

Shoe spray is an essential foot care product at any time of the year. In the summer, our feet sweat and bacteria can grow in our shoes, especially since we aren’t often wearing socks in our shoes. Deodorant shoe spray is great for running shoes, sandals, and flats in the summer to keep the odour caused by bacteria at bay. In the winter, our feet can get sweaty in our thick socks and heavy boots, causing bacteria to grow and odour to develop. Deodorant shoe spray can remove even the most resilient of foot and shoe odour.

Shoe spray can be made with a variety of essential oils and herbs to help naturally remove odours without harsh chemicals that can dry out your foot or damage your shoes.


Foot soaks are a necessity for good foot care, whether you suffer from foot pain, are on your feet all day, or are simply looking for a way to relax. They’re also the perfect way to start a pedicure when you want to pamper yourself!

A foot soak can have any number of essential oils or ingredients to help your muscles relax, remove odour, and help with any foot pain. Epsom salts and tea tree oil are two of the most common ingredients for soothing sore foot muscles and for removing fungus and bacteria from the skin’s surface.

Ready to Take Foot Care to the Next Level?

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