Pain on Top of Foot

Experiencing foot pain makes everything feel more difficult. Getting out of bed, walking to your car, driving, standing up to cook dinner – all of these can aggravate foot pain. There are many causes of foot pain and many areas where we can feel pressure or discomfort. While plantar fasciitis and pain on the heel and bottom of our feet is very common, many people also suffer from top of foot pain.

Our foot is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all of which can cause pain on the top of our feet. The pain could be mild or severe, always present or only sometimes, and has a variety of associated injuries or conditions.

What Causes Pain on the Top of the Foot?

There are a variety of causes for top of foot pain. The most common of these are due to overuse in sports activities, like running, jumping, and kicking. These conditions include:

  • Extensor tendonitis – the tendons that run along the top of the foot and pull the foot upwards become inflamed and painful. This can be caused by tight calves (as is common in runners), tight fitting shoes, or overuse.
  • Sinus tarsi syndrome – the sinus tarsi is found between the heel and bone of the ankle. This rare condition causes inflammation in this area and can cause pain on top of the foot and around the ankle.
  • Stress fractures – fractures in the metatarsal bones (located on the top of the feet) are common from overuse or injury. Pain on top of the foot is usually accompanied by swelling.

There are also conditions unrelated to overuse that can cause top of foot pain. These include:

  • Bone spurs – painful growths that form along joints and can form around the joints near your toes.
  • Peripheral neuropathy – causing pain, prickling, or numbness that can spread from the feet to the legs.
  • Gout – can cause foot pain in the joint at the base of the big toe on the top of your foot.

Foot Pain Treatment

The treatment for top of foot pain depends on the unique cause. Booking an appointment with a chiropodist will diagnose the cause and help find the appropriate treatment. Some treatment options include:

  • Heel pads – these help with conditions like extensor tendonitis as they help lift pressure from the top of the feet caused by tight calves.
  • Bracing and supports – these can help heal and support injuries by keeping the joints of the foot in the correct place and reduce stress on the joints
  • Physical therapy – this can help provide treatment for neuropathy, tendonitis, and nerve damage

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