Products to Control Sweaty Feet

products for sweaty feetSweaty feet is a condition that affects a large number of people, both in the summer and the winter. While the moisture itself can be frustrating to deal with, often, sweaty feet results in bacteria growth which can lead to other conditions such as nail fungus, warts, or the always-irritating foot odour.

At McQuistan Chiropody, we have many patients coming in looking for products for sweaty feet and the resulting foot odour. There are a number of products that can help with sweaty feet and food odour. Some are available with prescriptions while others can be bought over the counter at almost any pharmacy. Check out some of our favourite products for controlling sweaty feet and food odour!

Products for Sweaty Feet

Depending on your unique needs, there are a variety of products for foot odour and sweaty feet available.

Choosing shoes that allow your feet to breathe and moisture to evaporate is ideal for sweaty feet. Avoid shoes with nylon and rubber as these don’t allow moisture to evaporate and can allow bacteria to grow and create odour. Leather shoes are the best type of shoes for sweaty feet.

Shoe inserts are also available that work to absorb more moisture than just socks which can be used in almost any type of boot or shoe. These can be beneficial for situations where you need to wear different types of materials, such as synthetic high heels or flat shoes.

There are a variety of socks for sweaty feet that can help ‘wick’ away moisture. This means that your socks won’t stay damp from any sweat coming from your feet because it doesn’t absorb it. Socks made of wool or synthetic materials are the best at wicking away the sweat. Avoid socks made with 100% cotton, as cotton will simply absorb the sweat and allow bacteria to grow and odour to result.

Foot spray or shoe spray are great products for eliminating moisture and odour from sweaty feet. Spraying your shoes after you wear them can eliminate any residual bacteria. Spraying your feet with foot spray have the short term effect of eliminating odour and helping keep your skin dry to reduce or prevent sweaty feet.

Finding the right foot lotion for sweaty feet can also be beneficial. Certain foot lotions can help balance out the composition of the foot and can help reduce sweaty feet and foot odour as well. This will differ from person to person and a chiropodist can help find the right one for you!

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