Tips from a Foot Clinic Your Feet Will Thank You for

Many people assume that you don’t need to visit a foot clinic unless you have a disease or condition, like corns, warts, or bunions. However, chiropodist foot clinics aren’t just for when there’s a problem. Similar to a dentist or any other specialist, visiting a foot clinic every 6-12 months even when there aren’t problems is key for maintaining your foot health.

In between appointments, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can do for your feet to keep them healthy. While each patient is unique, there are some pieces of advice we give across the board at our foot clinic to help people improve their foot care routines.

  • Moisturizing is key – two or three times a week, apply foot moisturizer all over the foot and let it absorb before you put shoes on. Ideally, put it on before bed and wear cotton bed socks to help it absorb fully. There are many types of foot moisturizer available so you should experiment to find the one that’s right for you. Moisturizing reduces dry skin on the feet as well as related calluses and cracking.
  • Keep fungus at bay – foot fungus is extremely common from a number of sources, most commonly when the skin and nails on your feet stay damp and aren’t able to breathe. You should always ensure your feet are fully dry before putting on shoes or socks, and don’t wear sweaty running shoes every day. You should always let your toenails breathe between pedicures as well, so they are not constantly covered in polish.
  • Blisters can be easily avoided – loafer socks fit almost perfectly in most types of shoes to stay hidden but also prevent rubbing on your skin. Blisters can lead to painful skin infections, and typically come from wearing improperly fitting shoes. In addition to wearing loafer socks, always make sure you get your feet properly measured and find shoes that fit right.
  • Prevent discolouration – avoiding yellow nails is often as simple as avoiding dark nail polish. You can use a base coat to protect your nails from pigments in nail polish, or use a chiropodist-recommended polish.

Your Hamilton Foot Clinic

McQuistan Chiropody has two foot clinic locations in Hamilton to serve our clients better! If you’re suffering from foot pain or diabetes, are an athlete, or simply want to improve your foot health, we can help.

Book an appointment at our Hamilton foot clinic on the Mountain or on King St E! Start taking control of your foot health today and get customized tips and suggestions to keep your feet feeling great.