What to Do About Bunions

With summer well underway, everyone is wearing strappy sandals and open shoes. For people with bunions, sandals and open shoes are often avoided, whether for comfort or to hide the appearance of the foot. Bunions can be large and intrusive, causing people who suffer from them to avoid many types of shoes.

Bunions have a variety of causes, such as ill-fitting shoes, foot injuries, or hereditary bone structure. Because of the latter, often it is impossible or very difficult to prevent the development of bunions.

While bunions can cause significant pain for some people, other people simply dislike their aesthetic. Treatment options are available for bunions that can reduce the pain and discomfort, and make you feel more confident in your foot’s appearance!

Bunion Treatment Options

While some people never suffer from pain or discomfort caused by bunions, bunion treatment is important for preventing progression of the condition. There are a variety of treatment methods for bunions that can be explored.

Orthopedic footwear and shoe padding can be a good way to treat bunion pain, although these bunion treatment methods don’t allow for many sandal styles in the summer. Providing better support for the foot and adding padding to eliminate rubbing can relieve discomfort and pain.

In some cases, a chiropodist may recommend foot splints to wear overnight to help correct the alignment issue causing bunions.

Lastly, bunion surgery is an option for many people who want to completely eliminate the protruding bone and have a more typical foot aesthetic. The procedure itself is short but the recovery period is a few months. In some cases, like if the after-surgery care is not sufficient or the alignment is not properly corrected, bunions can return even after the surgery. It’s important to consult with your chiropodist if you’re interested in this type of surgery to remove bunions.

Whatever treatment method you choose based on the severity of your condition, you could be sporting some strappy sandals confidently and comfortably in no time!

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