How Custom Orthotics Help with Foot Conditions

One of the most common products provided by chiropodists is custom fit orthotics. Custom orthotics can help with a variety of foot conditions that cause discomfort or pain.

Orthotics are molded pieces of rubber, leather, metal, plastic, or other synthetic material that are inserted into a shoe to balance the foot in a neutral position. They redistribute weight and relieve pressure on areas of the foot that are caused by structural or biomechanical issues in the foot. They provide a cushion to protect these sensitive areas from too much weight and pounding when running or walking.

Custom orthotics

Orthotics are usually available at pharmacies over the counter, but to correct these biomechanical issues better, custom orthotics are more efficient and long lasting. Custom orthotics are created specifically for your foot, so they can address your specific issues more completely.

Orthotics for Foot Pain and Other Foot Conditions

Orthotics for foot pain can control pain and discomfort caused by specific foot problems, such as with the arch or an unusually-shaped foot. Custom fit orthotics typically work best with glaring biomechanical and structural problems in the foot. Some of the most common foot conditions corrected by custom orthotics are:

Bunions, Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, and shin splints can also be treated by orthotics. Custom orthotics for foot pain have many uses and can help correct or atone for a variety of foot conditions depending on the patient and symptoms.

Could you Benefit from Orthotics?

Orthotics can benefit some patients suffering from these foot conditions. To find out if you’re a candidate for custom fit orthotics, contact McQuistan Chiropody in Hamilton. We can determine if your foot pain and foot condition can be treated with custom fit orthotics.

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